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If you have been looking for a reliable RF components in Singapore, you probably would know that there are not many around. First of all, radio frequency is a very niche market in Singapore. It is hard to find suppliers who possess both the technical expertise as well as the resource to supply quality and reliable RF and microwave components.

AWG Tech is an RF components supplier who has both the technical know-how as well the manufacturing experience to help our customers. Our design engineers have many years of experience in designing RF and microwave circuits and components. We are a global supplier of RF filters, directional couplers, power dividers, power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers and many other types of RF and microwave components.

We understand the pains and problems of an improperly specified RF system as we, too, have been there before. One of our goals as an RF components supplier is to provide our customers with practical solutions that work. It is therefore, not surprising that we have many repeat customers. We have built a close working relationships with many of our clients.

The rapport we have built up over the years with our customer has enabled us to excel as an RF component supplier from Singapore.

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