High Pass Filter Applications

High Pass Filters are filters that eliminate low frequency signals and permit only high frequency signals to pass through.

To understand the operation of a high pass filter, take a look at AHPF3200-01. AHPF3200-01 is a 7 section high pass filter with a cut off frequency of 3.2 GHz (or 3200 MHz). This means that a signal at 3500 MHz will pass through the filter un-attenuated. On the other hand, a Bluetooth signal, which has a center frequency of 2450 MHz, will be attenuated by at least 60 dB when it goes through the filter.

For more information about AHPF-200M-01, click here.

High Pass Filter Applications.

High pass filters are often used to filter out the spurious from an up-converter mixer.

What does this mean?

Say, you have a low frequency signal at 150MHz. You want to convert it to a higher frequency signal at 1.2 GHz using a mixer. In order to do that, you will need to inject a signal known as a local oscillator  (with a frequency of 1050 MHz) into the mixer.  This mixing will result in at least 3 signals appearing at the output of the mixer: the original 150MHz , the local oscillator and the final output of 1.2GHz.

To get rid of 150MHz and the LO, all you need to do is to add a high pass filter with a cut off frequency of 1.2GHz at the mixer’s output. The high pass filter will attenuate the 150MHz signal and the LO signal. At the same time, the 1.2GHz signal will pass through the high pass filter with minimal loss.

Another common application of a high pass filter is to cascade it with a low pass filter to form a very wideband band pass filter that spans more than one octave. For example, our filter, ABPF-520M-01 has a passband of 5 MHz to 20 MHz. Traditional design of band pass filter using Butterworth design would not be able to achieve such  a wide bandwidth. We have overcome this limitation by cascading filters. For more details on ABPF-520M-01, click here.

High Pass Filter Supplier

If you are looking for a high pass filter supplier, why not consider what an RF component company like AWG Tech has to offer for high pass filter?  We have a wide selection of high pass filters starting at cut off frequency of 1 MHz up to 16GHz.

All our filters are 100% tested in our factory to make sure that they pass all the required specifications before they are shipped out of the factory.

Our stringent Quality Inspection ensures that our customers will have a peace of mind knowing that they only receive good parts. This is also the reason why our field returns and customer complaints are practically non-existent.

High Pass Filters Classifications by Band

AWG Tech supplies a wide range of RF high pass filters with cut-off frequencies as low as 1 MHz up to as high as 20 GHz. Just like any other filters, we can group of high pass filters according to their cut-off frequencies and categorized them by frequency bands.

  • HF-Band High pass Filter

    Spanning from 3 MHz to 30 MHz, the HF band is commonly used by HAM radio hobbyists and by some military and governmental communication systems and in aviation air-to-ground communications.

    Click here to find out about our HF high pass filters.

  • VHF-Band High Pass Filter

    The cut-off frequency of A VHF (Very High Frequency) is in the frequency range from 30 – 300MHz. This is a band used for FM broadcast and some military communication systems.

    Discover how our range of VHF High Pass Filter can help you remove spurious from your VHF transmitter. Click here.

  • UHF-Band High Pass Filter

    If you need to remove any spurious that is lower than 300 MHz, you can consider using a UHF band high pass filter. The cut-off frequencies for this filters can be anyway from 300MHz to 1 GHz.

    Check out our products for UHF High Pass Filter here.

  • L-Band High Pass Filter

    Depending on its cut-off frequency, an L-Band high pass filter should ideally be able to reject any frequencies below 1 GHz.

    Click here to find out more about our L-Band High Pass Filter.

  • S-Band High Pass Filter

    An S-Band high pass filter would be a useful component to use for an S-Band transmitter. The S-Band frequency range is 2-4 GHz.

    Check out our range of S-Band High Pass Filter here.

  • C-Band High Pass Filter

    C-Band high pass filter is commonly used in a C-Band BUC (Block Up-converter) to remove any LO (local oscillator) and IF (Intermediate Frequency) leakage due to the up-conversion process.

    Check out our C-Band High Pass Filter here.

  • X-Band High Pass Filter

    It is difficult to make X-using traditional design methods. AWG has perfected the art of making X-Band thru Ku-Band hight pass filter using suspended stripline technology.

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  • Ku-Band High Pass Filter

    We use SSL technology to manufacture our Ku Band high pass filter. You can request for the cut-off frequency to be customize to anywhere from 12GHz to 18 GHz.

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Why Choose AWG Tech as your preferred High Pass Filter Supplier

  • Wide variety of high pass filter structures

AWG Tech has designed many high pass filters for our customers. The type of high pass filter ranges from the simple LC high pass filter to complicated structures like the microstrip high pass filter and waveguide high filter.

  • Wide frequency range of high pass filters

AWG Tech supplies high pass filter with cut-off frequency from as low as 1 MH in the HF band up to as high as 16GHz high pass filter for the Ku-band.

  • Standard off-the-shelf parts are available

One of the strengths of AWG Tech is that we have a wide range of standard off-the-shelf RF high pass filter.

  • Customized high pass filters

We also provide customized high pass filters. Just send us an enquiry if you do not find any suitable high pass filter in our standard catalogue.

  • No additional NRE charges.

At AWG Tech, we do not charge any additional NRE (non-recurring engineering) charges for customizing a filter design, unlike many other RF component suppliers.

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