APA-0106-38-38-1SF: 1-6 GHz 4W Power Amplifier

APA-0106-38-38-1SF (1-6GHz 4W Power Amplifier)

Wideband Power Amplifer: APA-0106-38-38-1SF

APA-0106-38-38-1SF is a wideband power amplifier that operates from 1-6GHz. A 4W power amplifier, it has a typical output 1dB compression point (P1dB) of 38dBm. The small signal gain of the amplifier is typically 38dB. Compact in size, the amplifier measures 90.4mm(L) X 74.5mm(W) X 12mm(Ht) excluding heat sink.


  • Wideband,  1-6GHz
  • High Power, 4 Watt
  • High Ip3, 45dBm typ
  • High Dynamic Range
  • High Gain, 38dB typical
  • With Mute Control pin for pulse applications


  • Satellite Communications
  • Radar
  • Point-to-point terrestrial radio transmitter
  • Military
Detailed Specifications of APA-0106-38-38-1SF at 25 degrees Celsius
Operating FreqeuncyGHz16
Small Signal GaindB3538
Gain FlatnessdB+/- 2.0
Output P1dBdBm3537
Saturated Output Power, PsatdBm3638
Output IP3dBm45
Operating VoltageV28
Current ConsumptionA1.8

Caution: Make sure that the power supply is about to supply 4A of current due to initial surge in current upon power up

Mechanical Dimensions (with Heat Sink)

Mechanical Outline for APA-0106-38-38-1SF

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