450MHz Band Pass Filter

ABPF-450MBW25-01 : L-Band 450MHz Band Pass Filter

ABPF-450MBW25-01 is an L-Band BPF operating at a center fequency of 450 MHz. It has a bandwidth of 25 MHz and an insertion loss of 2 dB max.

Designed for wireless telemetry application, it features steep roll-off in the stop band. It has a rejection of more than 60 dB at frequencies below 400MHz and from 500MHz to 1.5GHz.

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Specification for 450MHz Band Pass Filter
Part NumberABPF-450MBW25-01
Center Frequency450 MHz
1dB Passband frequency437.5 – 442.5 MHz
Insertion loss2 dB max
Rejection> 60 dB @ dc – 400MHz
> 60dB @ 500 – 1500 MHz

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