A Global RF Component Supplier Singapore

AWG Tech’s goal is providing clients with only RF and Microwave Component products of high quality backed with a noteworthy technical and customer support service.

AWG Tech is a global RF component supplier for communication components for businesses, even up to military services. Our wide range of products includes the following:

●       Filters and Band Filters

●       Diplexers

●       Power Splitters/Combiners

●       Couplers

●       Amplifiers

Our products are utilized in the following systems:

●       RF and Microwave Communication Systems

●       Defense Electronics Systems (Detection Radars, EW Systems, etc)

●       GPS Navigation Systems

●       Point-to-Point Microwave Radios

●       Satellite Communications Systems

●       Receivers

●       And a lot more

We also provide customized components for our customers. Our customized range covers the following products:

●       Customized box built RF and Microwave sub-systems (like up/down converters)

●       Synthesizers

●       Switched Filter Banks

●       HF, VHF, UHF Receivers and Pre-Selectors

As a global RF component supplier, AWG Tech is an establishment concerned with providing both standard and custom designs to fulfill the needs and wants of every client.