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Band Stop Filters are sometimes called band elimination filters or notch filters, since they stop a certain band of frequencies. Unlike high pass and low pass filters, band pass and band stop filter applications have two cut-off frequencies.

In other words, they’ll simply pass over and under a certain range of predetermined cut-off frequencies depending on the component values utilized in the circuit design. Any frequencies from these are immediately constricted and they have two pass bands and one stop band.

Characteristics of Band Stop Filters

The functional traits of a band stop filter are exactly the opposite of the band pass filter. In band stop filters, when the input signals are given, the low frequencies then pass through the low pass filter in the band stop circuit. For the high frequencies, they are allowed to pass through the high pass filter in the circuit.

Take ABSF-16M05BW400K-01, , a bandstop filter by AWG Tech, an RF component supplier in Singapore.

ABSF-16M05BW400K-01 is a HF-Band bandstop filter. It has a lower passband from dc – 13.5 MHz and an upper band from 19.4 to 30 MHz. In between 13.5 MHz and 19.4 MHz is the stop band. It has a 40-dB notch bandwidth of 400kHz centered at 16.05 MHz. This means that any signal whose frequency lies between 15.85 to 16.25 will be attenuated by at least 40dB after passing through this filter.

Applications of band stop filter in communication systems

Band stop filter are widely used in many communications systems. Here are a couple of examples presented below:

In a multi-communication systems environment, it is common for a receiver to be subjected to close by strong interfering signals from other systems operating in the same band. This is very common for a GSM base station. In such situations, the best way to remove the spurious is to insert a band stop filer in between the receiving antenna and the receiver.

RF Band Stop Filter Supplier Singapore

If you are looking for an RF band stop filter supplier in Singapore, check out the range of RF band stop filters by AWG Tech.

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Band Stop Filters Classification by Band

AWG Tech supplies a wide range of RF band stop filters with notch frequencies as low as 1 MHz up to as high as 10 GHz.

  • HF-Band Bandstop Filter

    A HF-Band Bandstop filter has a lower and upper passband from 1MHz to 30 MHz. In between the passband, there will be a range of frequencies (notch frequency) that needs to be rejected.

    Click here to find out about our HF-band band-reject filters.

  • VHF-Band Bandstop filter

    Very High Frequency (VHF) band band-reject filter has a passband from 30 MHz to 300 MHz.  The notch frequency will reside somewhere in between 30MHz and 300MHa.

    Discover our range of VHF-band bandstop filters here.

  • UHF-Band Bandstop Filter

    UHF band covers 300MHz to 1 GHz. A UHF-Band band reject filter will have a notch filter anywhere in between 300MHz to 1 GHz.

    Check out our products for UHF-band bandstop filters here.

  • L-Band Bandstop Filter

    An L-Band bandstop filter is used in the frequency range from 1 GHz to 2 GHz.

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  • S-Band Bandpass Filter

    Our S-Band bandstop filter has a passband frequency range from 2 to 4 GHz. They are typically the cavity type.

    Check out our range of S-Band Band Stop Filter here.

  • C-Band Bandstop Filter

    C-Band occupies the 4-8GHz portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The primary use of C-Band is in satellite communications. You can also find some cordless telephone, WiFi  (5.8GHz) devices and weather radar system in C-Band.

    Check out our C-Band bandpass filters here.

  • X-Band and Ku-Band Bandstop filter

    X-Band and Ku-Band covers from 8Ghz to 12 GHz, and 12 GHz to 18GHz respectively. At high frequencies, it is common to use a quarter wavelength waveguide short to make these band stop filters.

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RF Band Stop Filter Supplier – How to choose a good RF component supplier

It won’t be wrong to say that a successful business understands the importance of working with a good RF filter supplier in Singapore. A good supplier understands the need of the customers and delivers it at the right time and at the right price. They also understand the importance of keeping open channels of communication which means that they are flexible with the needs of their clients and believe in creating quality business relationship. So, if you have been searching for high quality RF filter supplier in Singapore, here are a few tips to help you choose the right supplier for your needs.

  • AWG Tech has a wide range of RF products.
  • We are very knowledgeable when it comes to RF products.
  • We understand your concerns’.

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Here are some tips to help us respond to your band stop filter enquiry faster.

  • Specify the notch frequency bandwidth and the amount of attenuations needed.
  • Specify the lower and upper passband frequency range and the desired insertion loss in the passbands.
  • Specify quantity of filters needed.
  • Specify when you need the filters.
  • Highlight any special requirements such as phase linearity, phase matching, power handling, connectors or mechanical and environmental constraint.

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