Pre-selector Switched Filter Bank

A pre-selector switched filter bank is often needed when you have a broadband receiver that needs to operate over wide frequency range but needs to have narrowband selectivity. One example of a pre-selector switched filter bank is ASFB-02M30M-8-01.

ASFB-02M30M-8-01 is an 8-bank HF switched filter bank. The assembly consists of an array of 8 band pass filters in the following configuration:

  • Bank 1: 2-4MHz
  • Bank 2: 4-8MHz
  • Bank 3: 8-12 MHz
  • Bank 4: 12-16MHz
  • Bank 5: 16-20MHz
  • Bank 6: 20-25 MHz
  • Bank 7: 25-30 MHz
  • Bank 8: 2-30 MHz

With the exception of bank 8, each bandpass filter covers a small segment of the HF band from 2-30MHz. The DB9 female I/O connector provides the interface for power supply and for selection of the respective filter bank.

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Apart from ASFB-02M30M-8-01, we also have other switched filter banks in different frequency bands.

  • 4 Channel VHF Switched Filter Bank

    ASFB-30M300M-4-01 is a 4 channel VHF-Band switched filter bank. A set of 4 filters covers from 30-300MHz. Channels centered at 50MHz, 98MHz, 150MHz and 220MHz. Outputs are amplitude matched.

    Customized frequency options are available. Send us an enquiry and our friendly sales team will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

  • 8 Channel UHF Band Pre-selector Switched Filter Bank

    ASFB-300M1000M-8-01 is an 8 channel UHF-Band switched filter bank. It consists of a set of 8 filters with centre frequencies from 300MHz to 1 GHz. Channels centered at 350MHz, 450MHz, 550MHz, 650MHz, 750MHz, 850MHz, 900MHz and 1GHz. Outputs are amplitude matched.

    Customized frequency options are available. Send us an enquiry and our friendly sales team will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

  • 4 Channel HIgh Frequency Switched Filter Bank

    ASFB-3G4G5-4-01 is a 4 channel TTL controlled switched filter bank consisting of a set of 4 filters with center frequencies at 3GHz, 3.5GHz, 4GHz and 4.5GHz.

    Customized frequency options are available. Send us an enquiry and our friendly sales team will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

  • 8 chanel HF pre-selector

    HF pre-selector offers selectivity from 2-30 MHz. More information about HF-pre-selector can be found here.

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The General Configurations Of Pre-selector Switched Filter Banks

If you’ve delved a bit into the world of radio frequencies and communications, you’ve probably heard of devices like “preselectors”, and “switched filter banks”. According to radio frequency experts, a “preselector” is a device that helps enhance the performance of nearly any type of receiver, but it’s very helpful to receivers that have broadband front-ends which are prone to overload, like regular consumer-market receivers and scanners. A switched filter bank is a very useful device, which is used in receiver systems, EW and test systems and more. Let’s find out more about the configurations of devices like pre-selector switched filter banks.

The Basic Configurations Of A Preselector  

According to electronics and communications experts, preselectors are normally tuned to have a narrow bandwidth, which is centered on the operating frequency of the receiver, just like preselector switched filter banks.

The device passes through a signal it’s tuned to, but only slightly reduced, and it attenuates other signals and eliminates or reduces unwanted signal interference. A preselector can also be customized or engineered, so it can protect sensitive receivers from damaged caused by static input, or overload from signals from other transmitters. However, preselectors do not remove or eliminate interference on the same frequency, especially to the frequency that it and the receiver are tuned to.

A preselector is usually placed or situated in the same location or spot as an antenna tuner, yet it serves a different purpose or objective. Radiofrequency specialists stress that an antenna tuner is utilized to smoothly transfer signal power from the radio transmitter into the antenna’s feed cable. And when properly tuned or adjusted, the antenna tuner prevents transmitted power from being reflected back, which is called “backlash current”.

What Are Switched Filter Banks?

A switched filter bank combines the use of a switch and a filter into one, and reduces, if not totally does away, with all the problems linked with interconnection and any potential mismatches between the two.

Switched filter banks are also hailed for providing lower insertion loss and ripple, lower resultant VWR and reduced costs, lesser passband variation, reduced component count, improved RF shielding or isolation, and greater reliability.

This device consists of three main sub-assemblies too, and these are Filters, Switches and Drivers. The filters used in this type come from various configurations, while the switch assembly connects the RF input and output to the appropriate filter, and it contains all microwave-switching elements too.

The driver/assembly refers to the interface between the user and switched filter bank, and this converts the logic code supplied or sent by the user, and it sends signals to the switches in order to connect or disconnect the switch arms in the proper way.

Preselector switched filter banks can be customized to meet the user or customer’s needs or preferences, as well as to serve the desired frequency range, bandwidth and signal processing speed or strength. Depending on the user’s preferences and logistical situation, switched filter banks can be tweaked to accommodate the specifications and fit the client’s needs.

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